English Shayari

1.💖My love for you is like water,
Falling countless,
The beating of my heart,
For you is so heavy and soundless,
The feeling of being in your arm is so
Precious and endless.

Kisi ne god se kaha
god replied:
tumhe kisne kaha life se pyar karo tum bas use chaho jo tumhe chahta ho life apne aap khubsurt ho jayegi...

A candle may melt 
and its fire may die, 
but the love you have given me 
will always stay as a flame in my heart.

"Where there is great love, there are always miracles." 

- Willa Sibert Cather

I ______U (Trust, Care, Share, Miss, Adore, Kiss, Hug,)


I ______U. ( Love, Like)

Fill in the blank's send to me

I Lyk Evry1 Bt I Luv 1ly 1
I Lyk 4 Evry1 Bt I Breath 4 1ly 1
I Talk 2 Evry1 Bt I Share Evrything 2 1ly 1
I Smile Wid Evry1 Bt Smile Is 4 1ly 1
I M 4 Evry1 Bt I Belong 2 1ly 1 N Dat 1 Is 1ly U

you can show love 2 everyone but
u can show anger to only who is close 2 U,
so "anger" is always higher "love"..

Life is very short,
so break silly rules.
Forgive quickly,
Believe slowly,
Love truly,
Laugh loudly &
Never avoid anything that makes you smile..

every time ur at my sight ,
u luk a little more bright .
somethime the moon shies ,
and hids somewhere in the sky .
but wat is there to do ?
i can hardly breath when ur in front of me .
not a day go by ,
that i havent thought of u.

Immature love says:
I love u bcoz Ineed u
. – . – .
>>-’. - — - .’—>
‘ .. ‘
mature love says:
I need u bcoz I love u

Love knows no reason,
love knows no lies.
Love defies all reasons,
love has no eyes.
But love is not blind,
love sees but doesn’t mind.

**( ' ; ' )**

Sending cute Teddy bear sweetie

Craziest lines by a lover-
girl who mad in love with her 
“My love for you has no boundries, even to hell I follow you…!”

The English letters begins with  B C,
Counting Numbers begin with 1 2 3,
Music begins with Sa-Re-Ga-Ma,
Worship start with Ohm...
and LoVe begins with You and Me

A boy saw his Gf sitting hands in hands wid anothr boy.
He cam home n msg hs gf
“I saw ur duplicate in d cofe shop 2day”
Luv n trust hv no Limits!!

Very cute:
A boy & her gal were standing in front of a mirror
The gal asked, “What do u c?”
The boy smiled and said, “The rest of my life”…..

BF msg 2 his Gf:
Baby Sorry 2 Disturb u.
can u send Me Ur Photo?
Its Urgent
Serious matter

“we r playing cardS & Ive Lost my Queen”

A touchng fight…!
BOY- I want to end our relationship..

I am going to return you everything you gave me…!
GIRL-ok then let’s start with love…

Most romAntic line:
A boy told his girlfriend- Your eyes are just too

D girl replied- yes,they r beautiful,only bcoz u stAy in

As i look back in my life, I Remember Tears i Cried 
Jokes i laugh @ Things i lost & Misd by
Bt Dere is 1 thing i nevr Regret Its D day 

*Cutest confession ever by a lover 2 his love*
“When i Cry, i see U in my Tears
I Clean my Tears, so that No One else can see U.

If i could bring back Memories
i would bring the first day i kissed u
i look u in the eyes and felt love..
thanks god an angel came into my life!

I couldn’t become her tears when she cried neither her smile when she laughed..
But she become my breathe upon which I live..

Cute lines by a girl who fell in love:
“He stole my heart & I’m planning to take a revenge…
I’m going to steal his last name…

Life is a story written by Gods hand..
I do not know how you got into my story..?
But I pray you stay in it,
Until God writes my last chapter.

BF-I Love when u cry badly..
GF-Why is it so ?
BF-Bcoz dats d only moment u hug me
the most possible tightest way u can!!

You know you are in love,
When you see the world in her eyes,
And her eyes everywhere in the world.

Protect her, love her, kiss her, hold her, smile with her, laugh with her. 
But don't make her fall if you don't plan on catching her.

I'm tired of being your number one, let me just be your only one.

First dates are awkward;
First kisses are heavenly;
First love is irreplaceable;
And first heartbreaks are unforgettable.
Dear sweetheart, always please remain my first and the last love!

Very Lovable lines 4 lover
When saying ur gf 2 U
"Tum Na Ekdum Pagal Ho"
" Are You Crazy"

I am not a writer to write love sms,
love messages, love poetry, love shayari to win your heart. I have written your name on my heart for rest of Life.

24 alphabet could write most beautiful sentences is-
* I Love you *
* I'm falling in love with you *
* Buddy Be Best Friend for Life *
* You stolen my heart *
What is your choice reply me....

I hope dat u finally undrstand,
dat I will luv u until d end,
bcoz ur not just my girl,
u r also my best frnd!

I Came To Your House
Went Up To Your Room
You Played Your Guitar
Your Eyes Shine So Blue
I Asked For You Beloved
You Smiled And You Held Me
I Gave You My Number
I Love Your Kind Company
You’re Funny And You’re Handsome
Should Give Yourself More Praise
Have All The Confidence On Earth
Find I’m Tongue Tied What To Say? ?
Your Hand Along My Back
Feels Warm Protecting Soft
After Much Non Stop Talking
We Finally Become One
So Tall So Slim And Muscly
Your Hair Is Dark And Light
So Glad That You Agreed
So Glad That I’m With You
Just To Recieve One Of Your Texts
You Fill Me With Utter Excitement
You Make Me Smile At The Thought Of You
                                                    You Make My Days So Much Brighter


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